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Magento2 Project Development : Simple Cron Module

Magento2 Project Development : Simple Cron Module

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Compatible with magento 2.x.

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This is basic Magento2 module for developers.

How To Use:

  1.  This is free module. Just do the checkout. Download the module from the email or from your Account->My Downloadable Products
  2.  Extract The compressed files.
  3.   Now just copy & paste files in your Magento 2 app/code directory.
  4.   After merging code Go To Admin->System->Cache Management clear all caches.
  5.   Now go To Admin->Store->Configurations->Advanced->Advanced. Akhil_Cron should be in your modules list.


Note: This module does not give any functionality in Magento. This is for beginners who just start learning Magento 2.


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