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Magento® System Configurations

These are global settings. In Magento each module Catalog,Customers,Sales etc have some configuration settings that can be set from here:


  •  General
  •  Catalog
  •  Customers
  •  Sales
  •  Services
  •  Advanced

1. General configurations settings as default country of merchant, allowed countries where purchasing can be happen, Store details, theme selection, base url, SEO optimization, SSH settings, Session cookie management, logo settings, product image watermarks, transactional email settings, Email addresses , currency setup, contacts email details, admin dashboard reports etc can be set.

2. Catalog configuration settings for category page management, product page management, pagination, inventory, layered navigation, google sitemap etc can be manage from here.

3. Customers configuration manages settings for customer registration, login forgot password, email settings etc

4. Sales payment methods, shipping methods, transactional email settings for invoice, shipping etc.

5. Advanced configurations merchant can see all enable modules in the website. Developer section is also here to enable log files to see if some error occur in the website.


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