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Magento® Reports

Magento report section is for merchant to see full reports including sales, customers, products, search terms, review etc :

  •  Sales
  •  Shopping Cart
  •  Products
  •  Customers
  •  Tags
  •  Reviews
  •  Search Terms
  •  Refresh Statistics

1. Sales inside Admin->Reports->Sales. Here is full reports of orders invoices, shipments, refunds, taxes, coupons etc. Admin can also get the CSV for these reports.

2. Shopping Cart inside Admin->Reports->Shopping Cart. Merchant can see what are the products are currently in customers shopping cart & products that are abandoned.

3. Products inside Admin->Reports->Products. Here is the record for best seller products, low stock products, most viewed products etc.

4. Customers inside Admin->Reports->Customers The report about new customers, order based on customers etc.

5. Tags inside Admin->Reports->Tags Here is the report for all tags on the website that created by the site visitors on product pages.

6. Reviews inside Admin->Reports->Reviews. Admin can see all the reviews on all products in their website.

 7. Search Terms inside Admin->Reports->Search Terms records raised from frontend and their respective result report is here.

8. Refresh Statistics inside Admin->Reports->Refresh Statistics. This used to update all the reports and push the latest data into it.


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