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Magento® Newsletter

Magento newsletters are marketing thing. If merchant want to promote any new product etc then newsletter can be sent to all subscribers
  •  Newsletter templates
  •  Newsletter queue
  •  Newsletter subscribers
  •  Newsletter problem reports

1. Newsletter templates inside Admin->Newsletter->Newsletter templates. This create a new template file with Sender name, email, Subject etc. Once merchant created template it can be put on queue as on what date and time this newsletter need to email to all subscribers.

2. Newsletter queue inside Admin->Newsletter->Newsletter queue. This is just to show all the newsletter in a queue.

3.Newsletter subscribers inside Admin->Newsletter->Newsletter Subscriber. Here is the details of subscribers as subscriber emails, type(Guest or Customer) etc .

4. Newsletter problem reports inside Admin->Newsletter->Newsletter problem reports. We have created template & put them on a queue. But still if any reason system not able to send email then the all report will display here.


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