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Magento® CMS

CMS is the content management system. Here merchant can create independent CMS pages that can be directly access from frontend.:
  •  Pages
  •  Static Blocks
  •  Widgets
  •  Polls

1. Pages inside Admin->CMS->Pages Here merchant can create custom static pages. These pages are independent . Admin can also manage pages based on stores.

2. Static Blocks inside Admin->CMS->Static Blocks. These are are small blocks & can be used in CMS Pages, Categories or Transnational templates or in PHTML files etc.

3. Widgets inside Admin->CMS->Widgets. As it name says. widgets can be created from here & can be used inside CMS pages, Static Blocks etc. Widgets can use custom theme also.

4. Polls inside Admin->CMS->Polls. This is to ask visitors some questions about there website or anything else and give them options to choose.

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