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Magento® Catalog

Magento catalog section is inside Admin->Catalog :
  • Manage Products.
  • Manage Categories.
  • Attributes.
  • URL Rewrite Management
  • Search Terms.
  • Reviews & Ratings.
  • Tags
  • Google sitemap.

1. Manage Products inside Admin->Catalog->Manage Products. Magento has divided products into six types (Simple, Grouped, Bundled, Virtual, Downloadable). Just remember one example for each.  

Simple Products Ex. Coffee mug, (Independent Product)

Grouped Products Ex. Couch, Tables, (Multiple products of same category, at once)

Bundled Products Ex. Computer, (Multiple products bundled together)

Virtual Products Ex. Warranty, Subscriptions, (Products are virtual or can not ship. )

Downloadable Products Ex. Softwares, Songs, Video (Products are available to download )

2. Manage Categories inside Admin->Catalog->Manage Catagories.  In Magento there are two types of categories 1. Root category 2. Sub category.

3. Attributes & Attributes sets inside Admin->Catalog->Attributes. A product can have attributes Ex. Color, Size, Manufacturer etc. In Magento we can create attributes from here & add them into the attribute sets. Now while creating products we can select the attributes set.

4. URL Rewrite Management inside Admin->Catalog->URL Rewrite Management. This for SEO purpose to create user friendly URL for products, categories or custom url rewrite.

5. Search Terms inside Admin->Catalog->Search Terms. This is just to have a look as what people are searching on the website. 

6. Reviews & Ratings inside Admin->Catalog->Reviews and Ratings. As we know Products can be reviewed & rated by customers. So here is all the reviews & ratings.

7. Tags inside Admin->Catalog->Tags. Tags can be defined by customers. Admin have to review it & approve to show them on frontend.

8. Google Sitemap inside Admin->Catalog->Google Sitemap. This for SEO purpose. This generate an XML that contains information about products & categories. Merchant can submit that sitemap URL to Google to use their site name while indexing search result. 


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